Fall & Maroon...


Details :


1. Moisturizer : Nivea Moisturizing Cream

2. Primer : MAC Natural Radiance Base Visage

3. Brow Wax : Salon Perfect Brow Wax

4. Brow : Salon Perfect Brow Kit (Dark brown)

5. Brow Mascara : MAC Brow Set 'Show Off'

6. Foundation : MAC Studio Fix NW35

7. Powder : NYC Translucent Powder (Under eyes, fore head, chin)

8. Powder : MAC Studio Fix Powder NW43 (Use a little bit more as a contour and lightly set the rest of the face)

9. Eye Primer : MAC Paint Pot 'Painterly'

10. Outer Corner : MAC 'Passionate'

11. Crease : MAC 'Vibrant Grape'

12. Crease : MAC 'Purple Haze' (Blend the 2 colors for the crease)

13. Outer V : MAC 'Blackberry'

14. Lid & Tear Duct : BH Cosmetics Neutral Palette (gold color is the one with the number 14)

15. Tear Duct : MAC 'Crystal Avalanche' (Just a little bit on the tear duct corner on top of BH Cosmetics)

16. Eyeliner : MAC 'Blacktrack'

17. Waterline : MAC 'Smolder'

18. Highlighter : MAC MSF 'Soft & Gentle'

19. Blush : MAC 'Blushbaby'

20. Mascara : MAC 'Extreme Dimension' 

21. Mascara : MAC 'Extended Play' (Top coat)

22. Lip Balm : EOS 'Summer Fruit'

23. Lipstick : MAC 'Talk That Talk' (Rihanna collection)

24. Lipgloss : MAC 'Lust For Life' Lipglass

25. Lash : Salon Perfect 'Demi Wispies'






XoXo Della

Light Smokey & Cyan..

Details :


1. Moisturizer : Nivea moisturizing cream

2. Primer : MAC P+P Natural Radiance Base Visage

3. Brow Wax : Salon Perfect Brow Wax

4. Brow : Salon Perfect (Dark brown)

5. Brow Mascara : MAC Brow Set 'Show Off'

6. Contour : Mineralize Concealer 'NC50' (Hollow  of the cheeks, side of the jaws, forehead along the hairline, side of the nose)

7. Highlight : NYC Cover Stick Concealer 'Light' (Under the eyes, forehead, bridge of the nose, under the nose, and the chin)

8. Foundation : MAC Studio Sculpt 'NC45'

9. Powder : NYC Translucent Loose Powder (Highlight area)

10. Powder : MAC Studio Fix 'NW43' (Lightly set the rest of the face)

11. Eyeshadow Base : MAC Paint Pot 'Painterly'

12. Outer Crease : MAC Saddle

13.Outer V : MAC Carbon

14. Crease : MAC Embark

15. Lid : MAC Shroom

16. Browbone Highlight : BH Cosmetics Neutral Palette (The color is the one with the number 16)

17. Eyeliner : MAC Fluidline Gel 'Blacktrack' (Smudge)

18. Waterline : MAC Chromagrapic Pencil 'Hi-Def Cyan)

19. Underline : MAC Carbon (Smudge)

20. Mascara : MAC Extreme Dimension

21. Mascara : MAC Extended Play (On top of the Extreme Dimension)

22. Highlight : MAC MSF Soft & Gentle

23. Blush : MAC Blushbaby

24. Lip Balm : EOS 'Strawberry Sorbet'

25. Lip Liner : MAC 'Soar'

26 Lip Gloss : MAC Kissable Lipcolour 'En-Chantee'

27. Lashes : Salon Perfect 'Demi Wispies'    (2 stacks)


XoXo Della



Holy Smokey...

Base : MAC Painterly

Highlight Browbone : MAC Orb

Crease : MAC Saddle

Lid : MAC Carbon

Eyeliner : Inglot Gel Liner #77

Waterliner : MAC Smolder

Underliner : MAC Beauty Burst & Carbon

Mascara : MAC Plush Lash

Lashes : Ardell

Lip Balm : EOS 

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XoXo Della

Prom Makeup


Base : MAC Painterly

Outer Crease : MAC Soft Brown & Saddle

Crease : MAC Embark & Carbon

Browbone Highlight  : MAC Shroom

Lid : MAC Orb

Tear Duct : Makeup Forever 'Diamond Powder No1'

Glitter Glue : Too Faced

Liner : Inglot Gel #77

Waterline : MAC Smolder

Mascara : MAC Plush Lash

Lashes : Ardell

Concealer : MAC Studio Finish NC35

Contour : MAC Studio Fix NW43

Highlight : MAC Skinfinish 'Medium Plus'

Blush : MAC Coppertone

Powder : MAC Skinfinish 'Medium Dark'

Lip Base : EOS

Lip Liner : MAC Brick

Lipstick : MAC Amorous 

Brow : MAC Fluidline Brow 'Deep Dark Brunette' & Brun

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XoXo Della


Coffee At The Bookstore

It was one fine day when my husband brought me to Starbucks coffee (as we are Starbucks fans). When we drove in, the car park was full. As a matter of fact the line was crazy inside, just to place an order. We looked in the store but so unfortunate that we were not able to find a single seat free. Or I would say, it was so fortunate for Starbucks company for having a bunch of customers inside the store. I'm not quite sure whether they are making a good sales or not, a lot of customers brought their notebooks along to do their work and sat there for hours though.  


We left the place without order anything. We went to the mall as we planned to do after having coffees. As we walked out the mall we saw Starbucks coffee inside Barnes & Noble bookstore. We thought it would be cool to get some coffees now and from outside glass door clearly shown they have seats available. 


Eventually my husband get himself a coffee, and a soy mocha for me. We sat there, looked around there were a lot of teenage people came to do their homework (I suppose) with a lot of books with them. Our next table was a Chinese couple, they were reading some magazines. The couple the other table were playing some cards. My husband stood up to get some books, he brought me books about photography because he knew I like to know more about it.

That moment reminded me so much when I was living in Dubai, I really liked to have some coffee at the coffee shop inside kunikuniya or Borders.  It was awesome to have the feeling so relaxing while sipping a cup of coffee and reading the books we want to read, or even blogging to those who like it. 



Xoxo Della

Teal Me Up


Base : MAC Painterly

Outer Crease : MAC Soft Brown

Outer V : MAC Smolder

Crease : MAC Carbon & Saddle

Lid : MAC Parrot & Sprushed crushed pigment

Glitter Glue : Too Faced

Tear Duct : MAC Chrystal Avalanche

Waterline : MAC Smolder

Underline : MAC Undercurrent

Liner : Inglot Gel #77

Mascara : MAC Plush Lash

Lashes : Ardell

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XoXo Della

That Blue Waterline

Details :

Base                 : MAC Painterly

Lid                    : MAC Orb

Crease              : MAC Soft Brown

Waterline           : MAC Chromagraphic "Hi-Def Cyan"

Outer underline : MAC "Powder To The People" - Blue

Liner                  : Inglot Gel Liner #77

Mascara            : MAC Plush Lash & MAC Opulash 'Sama' (Blue- under lash)

Lash                   : MAC #4

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Xoxo Della


Purple + Glitter




Base : MAC Painterly

Outer Crease : MAC Soft Brown & Passionate

Crease : MAC Blackberry & Carbon

Lid : MAC Pin Up Purple (Archie's collection) & Maribu Pigment

Highlight (Browbone) : MAC Shroom

Waterline : Smolder + smudge Blackberry

Liner : Inglot Gel #77

Lashes : Ardell

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Or YouTube this look by clicking this image

XoXo Della

Smoke Smokey Eyes


Outer Crease : MAC "Soft Brown" & "Beauty Burst" (Both in a palette RIMAL DHABIA)

Lid : MAC "Carbon"

Tear Duct : MAC "Amber Lights" & MAC Glitter "Reflect Antique Gold"

Water Line : MAC "Smolder"

Mascara : MAC "Plush Lash"

Lashes : Ardell #204 - Black

Blush : MAC "Coppertone"

Lip : MAC Dazzleglass "Natural Talent"

XoXo Della

Cat Liner

Details :

Eyeliner : Inglot Gel Liner "#77"


Eyeshadow : Single palette -no brand- (from Splash counter Dubai)


Lip Liner : MAC Cosmetics "Redd"


Lashes : Ardell '204 -Black"


Brushes : Inglot #30T - Eyeliner

                MAC Cosmetics #224 -Eyeshadow

XoXo Della

Head Piece

Head pieces are becoming very popular and trendy right now. You can get easily at any accessories corner of many clothing store.

Claire's or Accessorize stores has plenty of different kinds of style head pieces.

This would be nice worn when hanging out with friends for some cocktails or a glass of wine. 



Head Piece : Claire's

XoXo Della

Happy Colors

These top and skirt were from 2 different stores. The skirt I got from New Yorker store in a promotion deal, those of you who live in the UAE, you have to check this store. They have a bunch of cool and funky stuffs, you may also get party dresses if you are planning to go to club and parties. The top is from New Look store. It's funny because having a petite body and going to stores I never forgotten to check out the kids fashion section, because I can find some cool and trendy stuffs. This top and skirt are so pretty paired together. And they are nice to be worn during summer with sandals or wedges, you can also add a lather jacket in springtime with lita shoes:)

XoXo Della

Booties Must Have!!!

Got this shoes at H&M when I was browsing the store at Dubai Mall, UAE. It reminds me a lot of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I tried them and they were so comfy. I got them immediately, without thinking twice. So happy to have them as I got much much cheaper than Jeffrey Campbell's for sure. To be chic and stylish we do not have to buy something expensive.  

Shoes : H&M

XoXo Della