About Me

Hi!!! My name is Della. I am a Makeup Artist, a Vegan, a Fashionista, an Amateur Photographer, a pho fan, an Asian, a Dubaian, a dog lover, a Child of God and a Wife and Best Friend of my hubby Steven.

Originally from Indonesia and been living outside the country since I was 22 years old. I moved to New York from Dubai where I lived for almost 12 years, following my dear hubby who originally is from here. I love the city of New York that has lots of unique colors. It's pretty cold the temperature during winter but the people amaze me, how these women and men are always so stylish with many layers underneath their trendy Jacket to stay warm.

Della Mc Nerney

Currently work for Benefit Cosmetics in Heralds Square as a beauty artist. I joined MAC Cosmetics Middle east for two years as a makeup artist in Dubai before I came to the U.S. Love doing my job as a makeup artist, as I mentioned on my home page that putting makeup for others is not only to make them more beautiful for the outside but from within as well, as the perfection came from inner beauty.

I like to listen to top 40 radio and Jazz +Lounge music. Depends on my mood!!! I like to watch funny or humorous flicks. But Oldies or Vintage movies are the best. My favorite all of time movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's, I've watched it a million time. 

I love drinking tea, always have my Soy Green Tea Latte before work, and in the night before sleep I'd love drinking a cup of Green Tea with some Ginger and Lemongrass!

I love all animals, I'm a dog lover, and I have a puppy called Lacy!


XoXo Della