Coffee At The Bookstore

It was one fine day when my husband brought me to Starbucks coffee (as we are Starbucks fans). When we drove in, the car park was full. As a matter of fact the line was crazy inside, just to place an order. We looked in the store but so unfortunate that we were not able to find a single seat free. Or I would say, it was so fortunate for Starbucks company for having a bunch of customers inside the store. I'm not quite sure whether they are making a good sales or not, a lot of customers brought their notebooks along to do their work and sat there for hours though.  


We left the place without order anything. We went to the mall as we planned to do after having coffees. As we walked out the mall we saw Starbucks coffee inside Barnes & Noble bookstore. We thought it would be cool to get some coffees now and from outside glass door clearly shown they have seats available. 


Eventually my husband get himself a coffee, and a soy mocha for me. We sat there, looked around there were a lot of teenage people came to do their homework (I suppose) with a lot of books with them. Our next table was a Chinese couple, they were reading some magazines. The couple the other table were playing some cards. My husband stood up to get some books, he brought me books about photography because he knew I like to know more about it.

That moment reminded me so much when I was living in Dubai, I really liked to have some coffee at the coffee shop inside kunikuniya or Borders.  It was awesome to have the feeling so relaxing while sipping a cup of coffee and reading the books we want to read, or even blogging to those who like it. 



Xoxo Della