Makeup Corner

Helloooo... I hope everyone is well!!! I’ve been so busy, for the past 3 years as I work in the department store. I am very seldom to make any makeup videos on YouTube. Anyhow I’m back now, and I wanted to share some of my “stuffs”  

Gonna start with my makeup corner... 


*All details are in the description below.


I do not have a proper vanity to stack up all my makeup products, so I just use what I have, which I put them on top of my dresser. Stacked some of Muji’s acrylic drawers, lipsticks holders are from, the makeup brushes are mix from Ikea and Homegoods.



I added faux white orchid and books from HomeGoods and Pier One’s diffuser on the other end of the dresser.


I do have white console table on next to the dresser which I put some of my makeup brushes. The wooden plaque with mason jars is from Target, the industrial style accent drawers are from Marshall’s.



Instead of hanging the wooden plaque on the wall, I put on top of my console table. 


I just put my Marc Jacob and Too Faced eyeshadows palette along with the Joe Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne


Here are the lists of the products

Muji Acrylic drawers

Wooden Plaque with mason jars

Pier One diffuser

New York Jackie hardcover

Audrey The 60s hardcover

Ikea candle holder

Lipstick acrylic rack

Urban Outfitters petal multi use

Marc Jacob eyeshadow palette

Too Faced eyeshadow palette

Jo Malone London™ English Pear & Freesia cologne

I can not link the orchid & succulent plants, industrial drawers, some makeup acrylic drawers and brush holder as they are from HomeGood and Marshall.


*Disclaimer: All  products I have purchased my owned. No endorsement from brands. I may change the products url because the website I have purchased does not carry the same product anymore