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The reason I went vegan was because I wanted to adapt healthy lifestyle plus my big heart for the animals. I started with juice detoxing with hubby for six days, wanted to go for a week, but I could't do it, (but hubby went to ten days though) it's probably because I'm a small person myself, with height of 5 ft I weighed from 102 lbs down to 96 lbs for six days. And I wasn't trying to lose weight whatsoever, I just wanted to detox by drinking juice. Since then there first meal I had was a plate of all plant-based consists brown rice, fresh cucumber, fresh kale and grilled tofu. And since then I stopped eating meat or fish. I switched to plant-based easily after juice detox, personally for me (don't worry I gained back my weight). I educated myself by watching lots of heathy documentaries on Netflix and read some articles online. I love my mix fruits breakfast bowl in the morning, non-dairy milk (salmon, coconut and soy are my faves), fresh fruits for lunch and for dinner variety of whole grain, beans / legumes, and veggies or salad. It's all good because hubby and I are embracing this lifestyle and we love it. I got a huge support from my best friend and her husband who went plant-based vegan for years. who introduced met this healthy lifestyle, she didn't ask me to, but all her healthy plant-based vegan posts fascinated me. Shout out to Mrs and Mr. Bogdan. After all it's about awareness of health, and all surrounding us, animals and plants. It's a moral thing to do, personally for me. We are all beautiful creatures.